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Hi guys! Sorry I’ve neglected my page quite a bit… hopefully I will be back on more regularly soon! Much training and a focus on flexibility is currently happening for me… I am spending much more of my time dancing and concentrating on moving around the pole in a more interesting way rather than tricks (particularly with the cold weather coming along)… Will post soon I promise! 😉 Much loves xx


So the documentary is finished…! The lovely Alaina has put together a specific edit of my story and here it is 🙂

I have also recently had a third shoot with Adam Jay..

Humming Bird

Humming Bird

My training had recently hit a bit of a rut, however, I am happy to say that over the last couple of weeks I have learnt a few new moves and am back into working on new routines.

I am LOVING teaching and my beginners are all doing amazingly well, some a even ready to move up to intermediate classes… Im very proud 🙂

I have a few performances lined up… watch this space 😉

Documentary Coming soon

So my friend has almost completed her final media project for her degree… She chose to film a documentary about dance and how dance has changed a persons life.. and I am honoured to be a part of it! 🙂


Alaina has already created two fantastic videos and alongside the documentary she is completing two training videos for me…

I’m ridiculously excited! Watch this space…

Catching up…

So its been a while since I posted, I’ve been so busy! Literally. Too busy.

Following a massive bout of gastroenteritis (for the second time in 4 weeks) I had a long and frank discussion with my mum and decided to adapt my training regime… It appeared I was doing too much and my body was fighting me for it…

So I’ve narrowed my training down to pole and flexibility, and aerial hoop….

and my body and mind is so much happier for it… Im also happy that during a recent training session I managed a few new moves, including this lovely manoeuvre which has taken me a long time… mainly due to flexibility issues!

circus hallam event

My flexibility training has also progressed…

7605_773443343973_1837887020_n 166767_774170436873_150936557_n 263671_773443393873_775784991_n 540730_773443413833_940105580_n

All in all it was a difficult decision to limit myself just to three main disciplines… If I could I would do everything! But in the end its better to focus properly on a special selection 🙂

My next event is on Saturday, I’m excited to be back performing 🙂

Sheffield Circus Gathering 09.03.13

Today was absolutely fantastic, I have met some wonderful people, seen new and old friends..

The gathering began early on with guests arriving from 9am… various workshops were put on throughout the day including juggling, contact juggling, various other manipulations, hula hoop and of course Pole courtesy of me and Eve 🙂

Mat is over from New Zealand and is a phenomenal Cyr wheel artist, I thought Iwas strong until I tried that today!

I LOVED every minute of today and I really enjoyed performing.. I think its my favourite routine yet (video will be in my performance section soon)

All in all a fab day 🙂


Greentop Cabaret 9th February 2013

I performed at the Cabaret yesterday…

I was terrified…

I almost didnt get my costume finished…

Then I had the wonderful Amy to calm me down and make me feel more comfortable and Meg for extra support… Ruth also finished my costume for me which was lovely of her… 🙂

I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to be warm enough to stick.. so before I went on I did a little jogging about. It was then I was spotted by a few youngsters watching the show… They decided I was doing my warm up all wrong and decided to show me how it was done 🙂 Which resulted in me dancing about like a loon! Haha!

Anyway… the show went well after all the fuss and stress!

Looking forward to performing Hoop at my next cabaret 🙂

Ballring Circus Convention

Saturday was an interesting day for sure! After playing a rather amazing game of car tetris… we managed to fit the x stage and all of Charlie’s equipment into the back of Allan’s teeny car!’

Upon arrival I was met by an entourage of jugglers who helped me carry my equipment (which was nice) straight into a workshop room… where I remained for about 3 hours! This was of course after I spent half an hour faffing with the stage in the first place to get it up!


The cabaret performance was excellent and the Sheffiled gang definately rocked it 🙂

535758_762920491853_744811183_n - Copy

Charlie doing her amazing hoop act 🙂


All in all a great day out… although… I STILL CAN’T JUGGLE!!!

Circus Hallam Training 26th Jan 2013

So another quiet session due to the snow… hopefully we’ve seen the last of it now!

Me, Gemma and Harriet worked on flexibility, Acro and Handstands…

We had a game of bridge tag…


I find walking around in my bridge really helpful for building strength and flexibility… in my shoulders particularly..

I have also been holding my handstand for a bit longer..


This still need lots more work and practice..

All in all another good session of destroying the spine 🙂

Circus Hallam Training 19th January

So, yet again the weather resulted in a quiet training session… So I decided to focus on developing my backbend.


I have always found backbending difficult, my lower back is REALLY flexible, but alas my upper back is not… but my real difficulty has always fallen with my shoulders…

That said, progress has begun 🙂

I have been experimenting with lifting arms and legs whilst in my backbend, and walking around in it, which I have to admit has made it stronger. I can hold it for longer  now, and its getting more and more rounded and even on both sides (shoulder and quads)


My legs appear to have hit a bit of a plateau too… I’m down to the last inch on my side split…


So, it is now time to work on the dreaded oversplit 🙂 and getting my split as untwisted as humanly possible…

All in all things are going pretty well on the flexibility front, hard work and consistency really does pay off!

Circus Hallam Training

A fairly quiet evening, there were only a few of us as the weather was pretty chilly… We practiced different skills, silks, acrobalance and a bit of contortion. I learned how to planche courtesy of Duncan, a skill which I will no doubt transfer to EVERYTHING that I see! Ha!


I also learned a couple of new moves on silks…

ImageI still find silks training the hardest discipline so far, with it being a case of stamina more than anything, tough on the arms!

Following a very tired acrobalance session in the morning, with countless unsuccessful one armed back angel attempts, Duncan and I managed it first time thus proving that afternoon/evening training sessions are more effective!


All in all a fun and laid back session 🙂